An Aladino Wrapped in Honduran Cameroon

Source: Cigar Aficionado

JRE Tobacco Co. is adding a unique twist to its Aladino brand with an offshoot called Aladino Cameroon, a new cigar wrapped in a Honduran-grown Cameroon cover leaf that the Eiroa family planted in the Jamastran Valley.

The new Aladino Cameroon cigars are made with only Honduran tobacco, retaining the signature Corojo binder and fillers of the original Aladino line. The Corojo-seed tobaccos are grown by the Eiroa family as well.

The line will be available in three sizes: Robusto, measuring 5 inches by 50 ring gauge ($8.80); Lonsdale, at 6 by 43 ($7.80); and Super Toro, 6 by 52 ($9.80). Made at the Fabrica de Puros Aladino S.A. factory in Honduras, the smokes come packaged in 24-count boxes.

Industry veteran Julio Eiroa, who founded JRE Tobacco with his son Justo, developed Aladino Cameroon after purchasing some Cameroon seeds from tobacco brokers and planting them in the Jamastran Valley about five years ago. According to the company, the wrappers on the upcoming Aladino Cameroon are a little over two years old.

Cameroon tobacco is traditionally grown in both the Republic of Cameroon and the Central African Republic; it is a variety of tobacco that originated from Sumatra seeds imported from Indonesia to Africa. In the premium cigar sector, it’s usually used as wrapper and tends to be quite expensive.

JRE Tobacco is planning a soft launch of Aladino Cameroon for next month with its partner retailers followed by a full launch at this summer’s PCA trade show.

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