• Assuring the safety of our employees and our community
• Use of technology to have sustainable Agricultural Practices, to improve product quality and better yields
• Transfer the best practices of technology to the farming operation and our personnel
• Preserve Biodiversity through an Integrated Pest Management Program

Julio Eiroa is teaming up with Bayer CropScience AG to assure safety in our community and the best environmental practices. Using the latest in technology in Agricultural practices to improve Security, Higher Quality Products and Yields.

We have transferred this technology into our farming operation and our personnel to assure the best quality product to preserve Biodiversity. The Integrated Pest Management Programs incorporate practices for economic pest control to suppress pest populations below the economic injury Level (EIL). From Crop to Shop, with over 700 acres of Farm and 400+ acres of Drip Irrigation, JRE Tobacco is proud to state we grow and manufacture all of Cigars.

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